B-52s soar over Chicago 8-5

The Wichita B-52’s took on the Chicago Mustangs at Hartman Arena tonight as we celebrated our troops for military appreciation night.

Wichita gave a very warm welcome to returning legend Kim Roentved as he took the field for his first game as head coach.  At kick off, the B-52’s showed excellent pace, pressuring Chicago deep in its own territory.   Chicago was forced into several pass situations that ended with turnovers ending in Wichita’s favor.  Matt Clare opened the scoring with an excellent “rebound” off a ball played deep from Alex Moseley.  Newcomer John Markey followed up with an excellent goal midway through the first.  The third goal of the night was provided by Travis Pittman as he took a long low shot to the lower left, beating Mustangs keeper Jesus Flores.

The second quarter showed a Chicago team with improved intensity. Chicago was able to score within minutes of the starting whistle,  reducing the deficit to two, making it 3-1. Wichita struggled in the possession game, but succeeded in defense. The score remained 3-1 through halftime.

The beginning of the third quarter was reminiscent of the second. Chicago struck within 8 seconds of the whistle. Alex Moseley quickly redeemed off a Wichita restart.  Wichita suffered a blow when Pittman received a yellow card for dissent after being hit in the nose.  However,  Bent Hobson hit a tremendous left footer with 11:07 remaining in the third using excellent footwork.  With the score 5-2, the B-52’s knocked on the Mustangs door several times. A blue card was issued to Chicago after a handball in their box. Wichita could not capitalize off the shootout or the ensuing 2 min penalty. Pittman ended the scoring drought for the B-52’s scoring a right footer from distance with 4:40 left remaining in the third quarter. Colin Lawter quickly followed up with a great goal from pressure sending the B-52’s up 7-2.

The fourth quarter started with a goal from hometown hero Kevin Ten Eyck, striking the corner of the net. Chicago responded with a goal at 6:15. Their celebration was short lived however, as a Chicago player kicked Pittman into the boards. He was ejected from the game.  The Wichita advantage was for not, as Chicago scored twice off defensive breakdowns making the score 8-5 with 1:46 remaining. Chicago pulled their sixth attacker but it was all for not, as the B-52’s went on to win 8-5 at home.


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  1. Saw a lot if great soccer, then at the end, saw skins not so great soccer. For the most part of the game, it was amazing to see how much pasdjng the ball and making sure it was to our players vs previous games. We have seen periods of this in the past games this year, just seemed like everything was gelling tonight. I sure Kim stepping up to the Pilots seat of the plane was some of it, but, a lot was all the crew manning their gun posts and firing on target.

    Very tough match, mostly from Chicago, but we got in some licks as well.

    Congratulations on a successful mission Kim and the whole squadron, nice to shoot down last years PASL champions!

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