Rocket-Powered B52

Just for a moment…if you closed your eyes…if you listened to Kim Roentved’s voice on the arena speakers…if you soaked in the cheers…there was a shiver up your spine and it was 1983 again.  Just for a moment.


You could see it in the hustle of the players on the pitch.  You could hear it in the tenor of the cheers from the long-time, long-suffering fans.  Saturday felt a little different.  It  felt like, maybe, the magic was starting to return.  Saturday felt like the beginning of something.  What exactly?  It’s too early to say, but something GOOD.

Little things.  Like a player commenting on how Roentved is a TEACHER.  He makes your game better.  He helps the younger players with tidbits, tricks of the trade, and addresses them individually when they could use guidance.

Big things.  Addressing the crowd at the beginning of the game.  Playing not just to win, but to win with excitement.  Motivating the players to give it their best.  Finding and exploiting each man’s talent for the good of the team.  WINNING.

Long live indoor soccer in Wichita, Kansas.  Long live the orange.  Long live the B-52s.  BEAT THE COMETS.


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