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UPDATE: Wichita Nearing 6,000 Goals and You Could Win a Jersey!

Due to the Tulsa game being moved, we’ve updated the submission deadline to 11:59pm January 2nd, 2015. Submit entries to  Since the Wichita Wings were admitted into the MISL in 1979, there have been a lot of changes. Players. The name. The owners. The arena. Longtime fan, Stephanie Miller, recently noticed the Dallas Sidekicks were hyping the club reaching 4,000 goals, which led her to do some digging on how many goals Wichita has scored over the years. According to her research, changes aren’t the only thing Wichita has experienced an abundance of.  There have also been a lot of goals.  Almost 6,000, in fact.

Through her number crunching, and she’s a professional accountant, Stephanie has discovered Wichita (Wings/B-52s) will hit 6,000 regular season goals THIS SEASON! After the Chicago game on Saturday, the B-52s are just 38 goals away from reaching the 6,000 mark. With 13 games remaining in the season, the boys are sure to hit it.

So with this landmark soon to be achieved, it poses the question: What kind of fun can we have with it? Futbol Wichita Live presents to you this grand opportunity: CLUE: The B-52s Version. In the game CLUE, you are tasked with solving a murder. You must choose the culprit, the location, and the weapon. In OUR version, we ask you, the fans, to choose the player, the opponent, and the type of goal (free kick, PK, regular play, etc.) that you predict will be our 6,000th goal.

So B-52s fans, have at it. Post your predictions here or on our FB page and let us know what you think the 6,000th goal will look like!

The winner will receive and a B-52’s *jersey, autographed by the player that scores #6,000.   Entries must be submitted via email to no later than 11:59pm on January 2, 2014.

*Jersey provided courtesy of Futbol Wichita Live. In the event more than one person answers correctly, FWL will randomly select one winner from the group of correct answers.

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