Statement on La Fiera by Dallas’ Ronnie Davis

Posted today on Facebook…

“While I try not to get on social media and engage in these conversations, it has come to the point where I feel that people need to hear, the “other side of the story”. The idea that has been circulating about the Sidekicks having something to do with the La Fiera situation could not be more false. We work too hard and try to do things the right way for anyone to think we are involved in this negativity in any shape, form or fashion. We want La Fiera in the league. We need La Fiera in the league, but there has to be accountability from La Fiera. Everyone always complains about why the league doesn’t enforce a minimum league standard. That is exactly what was done here. You have to pay your league dues. You have to play in an arena, not a practice facility with the wrong size goals with no locker room and no showers. You have to have real referees at the game. You HAVE to video the games. Everyone wants this sport to be considered professional, and yes we have a long way to go, but this cannot happen. Throwing our team in the line of fire for what happened to you is unprofessional and does not need to be done in this forum. There is more than just this, but the Dallas Sidekicks had NOTHING to do with the decisions La Fiera made about not meeting the minimum league standards. We just happened to be the final straw. I hope you can get your act together. You have a great team, great coach and great arena but your front office has to take responsibility for what is going on there. I hope you get things worked out for the future but please don’t throw us under the bus for your mistakes.”

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