Playoff Possibilities


Many Wichita B-52s fans turned  a shade paler last year when they saw they had become a part of the murderer’s row that is the MASL’s Central Division.  The Missouri Comets are the reigning MISL Champions.  Bragging rights for the current PASL crown belong to the Chicago Mustangs.  The Milwaukee Wave bring two recent championships to the table, having conquered the MISL in 2011 and 2012.  Thus, the Central Division earned the overused moniker: “The Division of Death.”

The MASL’s official playoff format has yet to be announced.  However, it is expected that the top three teams in each division will advance.  Barring a sinkhole swallowing the Independence Events Center, and the entire Missouri roster along with it, the undefeated Comets are a shoe-in at this point.  That leaves two more spots from the  Central Division.  Going into this weekend, Chicago is 7-4, Milwaukee 7-5, and the B-52s 5-6.

So, what are the B-52s chances?  If you look at the remaining opponents for the three contenders, it appears that Wichita has the hardest route to the playoffs.  With games against Missouri, Milwaukee (x2), and Chicago, the B-52s have a tough row to hoe.  The three games against St. Louis will be the determining factor.  The Ambush have played one of the toughest schedules in the league, making their 3-6 record deceptive.  This is why I have categorized them as a “Mid-Range” opponent.  If Wichita wins at least two of these three games and can defeat Tulsa twice more, they have a decent shot at a playoff spot.

Remaining Games vs. Type of Opponent

                                   TopTier     Mid-Range    Bottom Rung

Chicago                   3                          3                         3

Milwaukee            2                         3                         3

Wichita                    4                         3                         2

Past 4 Games:   Chicago 4-0     Milwaukee 3-1     Wichita 2-2    

If Wichita did make the playoffs, they would likely square off against Milwaukee or Chicago, with the winner facing the Comets.  That team would then go on to the Final Four against the other division winners.

With a little bit of luck and a lot of hard work, the Wichita B-52s have a path to the MASL Playoffs this year.  Now all they have to do is play the games!


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