Dear St. Louis (at least I can type it correctly) Ambush Fans

FWL wanted to give you all a big Thank You from here in Wichita. Your owner, players, coaches and fans were great last night. It was very cool of Blake Ordell and legendary Coach Daryl Doran to come and sit down with us during the pregame show. We’re very appreciative of them taking the time to do that.

I also need to personally apologize to you all for constantly saying “Seattle.” We (but especially me) are idiot amateurs, but we’re also volunteers who want the indoor game to become sustainable and hopefully thrive, not only here in Wichita, but across the nation.

All of us here at FWL donate our personal time, money for broadcast equipment, internet costs and travel costs to be able to provide live, even though it’s not top notch (yet), coverage of the games played in Wichita. We know we’re not up there with the Missouri, Dallas, Baltimore, St. Louis and Milwaukee productions (maybe someday!), so we at least try and keep it entertaining.

For some reason, I had “Seattle” stuck in my small pee-sized brain all day yesterday (I think I even let it slip during my Kick This! radio spot yesterday morning too). I have no idea why and I knew it before we even started our coverage (hopefully I’ll have it shaken out by next Saturday). So, while we are just amateurs, we do strive to be professional with names. The owners and players, regardless of the team they play for, deserve to be referred to accurately; especially considering the sacrifices they make to bring the entertainment that they do, to the fans. They ARE professionals and we strive to treat them as such. In that regard, I failed yesterday with your team and I am sorry for that.

Finally, thanks for the banter on twitter. It was a lot of fun and we love being able to interact with viewers and listeners during the show.

All that being said, we here in Wichita are looking forward to rekindling the Wichita / St. Louis indoor soccer rivalry and look forward to game two of the series next Saturday night.


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