Suck It Up It’s Called Passion

“Dominic Waza Scicluna: It’s professional sports
Not church if you all want to judge from your moral high horse take the family only to church bingo that’s more family oriented !”

Best quote regarding some owners and fans being criticized for their passion and language. I also happen to agree 100% with Dominic Waza Scicluna (love that dude btw #mancrush). Our own supporters groups and fans (myself included) have said horrible, terrible things to players, coaches and refs during the game and done so using colorful language, but it ends at the final buzzer. We’ve had players (particularly keepers) turn right around after the game and applaud our “passion” and thank us for being there.

So an owner got caught up in the heat of the moment after a nail biter that resulted in a loss for his team, so what, big deal. Appreciate that the owner has fire and passion instead of saying fuck it and folding a team mid season. Don’t forget during your finger pointing and cries for his crucifixion that the same passion that got The St. Louis Ambush’s owner fired up at the end of the game, is the same passion that had him jumping through hoops trying to accommodate The Tulsa Revolution the night before, the same passion that treated our FWL guys and the Wichita B-52s players and staff like royalty for yesterday’s game.

So let’s just pump the brakes on our pontificating #keepcalmandB52on

oh and #beatthewave


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