Decades of Orange

It is always impressive when a player’s career can last for multiple decades, no matter the sport. Players like George Brett and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar have been honored for their longevity in baseball and basketball. Gordie Howe set the bar high by playing hockey in five separate decades.

Here in Wichita, we have our own “Iron Men”.  Kevin Kewley played his first game for the Wichita Wings on November 30th, 1979. His career continued throughout the 1980s and ended with his last game on April 12th, 1990. Thus, Kewley became the only Wichita Wing to play in three different decades.

Wings 82-83 Road Kevin Kewley, Arrows


Many people mistakenly believe that Andy Chapman equaled  Kevin Kewley’s record of three decades of Orange. However, Chapman’s first appearance  with the Wings wasn’t until January 5th of 1980, missing the three decade mark by a measly 6 days. Of course, despite this, Chapman is no less a Wings Superstar in the eyes of the Orange Multitude.

Wings 80-81 Home Andy Chapman 4


Now, with the expected appearance of Kim Roentved in Sunday’s game, his name will join Kevin Kewley’s as the 2nd Wing/B52 to play in three different decades. Roentved played for the Wings from 1980 to 1987, and 1991 to 1998, setting many records along the way. Soon, he will add the year “2015” to that record. What is most certain is that Kevin Kewley couldn’t have better company in that very short list of Triple Decade Dynamos.

***Photos thanks to NASLJerseys.com and the Wichita Eagle.

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