Open Letter to the FWL Family

Now that the season is over and the WMF World Cup has ended, we wanted to take a minute and say just some of our thank-you’s.

When we started this whole “Futbol Wichita Live” endeavor last November, our only goal was to make sure that the Wichita B-52s had coverage for their home games. We knew we were amateurs (and know that we still are) and our only benchmark for success was to “not totally suck.”

We’re not sure whether we ever hit our benchmark, but one thing we sure of is that we had a helluva lot of fun. We’re also sure, that we had A LOT of help, from many many different people and organizations along the way. So we wanted to take a minute to publicly say thank you for the time and effort that you all have graciously extended us.

First to our home broadcast partner Mike Zarich’s MJ Production. Mike has been our videographer for every home B-52s game and the WMF World Cup games hosted at Hartman Arena. While we love to joke about Hartman being the “Home of the Patented Corner Cam,” we need to mention, that’s not Mike’s choice; he’s working with the infrastructure that he has and does a great job. Mike’s also infinitely patient with the ridiculously impulsive and unpolished group of dummies that sit next to him and we’ve had a great season broadcasting with him. Thank you Mike for all of your help!

The Missouri Comets. Wow! Where to even begin? Let’s start with Daniel Moreno. We reached out to Daniel and asked if it would be ok if we came up to do an audio only broadcast. Not only did he say yes, he rolled out the red carpet for us and made us feel like a part of the family. We were (are) a couple nobody’s that could’ve been easily dismissed, but he didn’t do that and we’re very grateful. It’s a wonderful example of one team helping another and, lucky for us, in the process, helping a bunch of loose cannons trying to do a low rent show. Daniel’s and rest of the Comets organization’s graciousness paved the way for many great interviews, guests and friendships. We’d be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge many of the other individuals from the Comets organization too: Jillian Thomas, for letting us interview her and give her a hard time on Twitter. She’s always been a good sport and we appreciate her putting up with us. Coach Vlatko, for the access to players that he’s given us and for the interview in Wichita (pretty sure we figured out what that “first word” was). The Galaxy Girls, you all have been extremely gracious to our two “older gentleman” and bring a lot talent and excitement to the games.  Brian Budzinski for letting us come up and call the MASL Conference Final with you and for the many times you’ve opened the doors of your organization to us (Bud runs a first class operation and we’ve been fortunate to get a peek behind the proverbial curtain). And finally the Missouri Comets players. When ever we’ve asked for an interview, you guys have always been extremely gracious. Whether before or after a game, whether on the road or at the IEC, we were never turned down. You guys rock and we’re extremely glad to have The Comets back as rivals.

The Dallas Sidekicks and especially Alan Bathrop. When we first started out, we knew almost none of the other media personnel for the other teams until we connected with Alan. Not only has he been very generous with his time, he has been a great resource for information about the Southern Division, a guest on our Wednesday night show, responsible for putting FWL on the MASL’s national weekly show Kick This on Saturday mornings and most importantly became a great friend. Thank you Alan! Can’t wait for next season.

The Seattle Ambush….JOKING! Our good friends at The St. Louis Ambush. Man do we owe you guys. When we called the first St. Louis – Wichita game, Josh went totally brain dead and called them  “The Seattle Ambush” at least 5,372 times and we watched FWL’s Twitter feed blew up with “corrections.”  Turns out though that St. Louis has some great fans and an awesome staff. That Twitter banter wound up making us some great friends inside The Ambush organization. When our guys traveled to St. Louis with The B-52s, Andrew Haines, Fred Slow, Jason Pilarski (we love you man, keep up the fight!) and the rest of Andrew’s organization treated us like kings. Finally, the players and head coach Daryl Doran. When St. Louis came to Wichita, Coach Doran, Gordy Gurson and Blake Ordell were kind enough to sit down with us and listen to our ridiculous questions. We love the passion of The Ambush and look forward to keeping the rivalry going.

Of course, we have to mention OUR team, The Wichita B-52s. The players, coaches and staff of The B-52s have been awesome. We’ve had so many individuals support us and help make this thing happen, that to not leave anyone out, we’d need to list almost the entire roster and all the staff. So many B-52s have given us their time before, during and after games, that we’ve always had something to talk about for the fans. It hasn’t just been game days either, you guys have generously given up many Wednesday nights to come to The Monarch and give us someone to talk too. Thank you boys! You’re the reason we do this!

Speaking of Wednesday nights, we owe a huge thanks to Jenn Ray’s fantastic establishment The Monarch. Jenn and her staff have put up with us taking over The Monarch almost every Wednesday night and have never complained. We couldn’t have asked for a better venue or a better owner!

The biggest debt we owe is to all of the FWL volunteers that make this whole thing happen; Zach Light, Johnny and Mrs. Freedom, AJ Villegas, Tim O’Bryhim, Joey Kippenberger, Phil “El” Ross, Chris Showalter, Aaron Stepanek and Justin Kippenberger. While we know that our product isn’t very polished or professional and has a long way to go to reach even average, we couldn’t be more proud of what these folks have been able to accomplish in just a few short months. Not a single person involved with FWL has ever been paid a penny. All of our broadcast equipment costs, internet/IT expenses and travel costs are paid for out of their own personal funds. It’s all done for the love of the game.

This is just a short list of the organizations and individuals that have helped us over the last few months, but there are many many more who have taken our phone calls, responded to our emails, come on our shows and we’re indebted to each and every one of you.

And finally our listeners. We’re humbled and extremely appreciative for all of you that tune in and listen. We’ve got more good stuff in the works for you and can’t wait to get going on the next big thing.


Futbol Wichita Live



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