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Who We Are

Futbol Wichita Live’s mission is to promote ICT’s local soccer community, build the sport and support all of our local professional, collegiate, youth and club programs, associations and players.

We produce, in collaboration with The Wichita B-52’s organization and MJ Productions, The Wichita B-52’s Live programs (pre-game/play-by-play/post-game).

Every Wednesday night at 8:00pm, we broadcast Futbol Wichita Live from The Monarch. Where we discuss all things local soccer.

FWL was founded by a group of volunteers from the local community.  All of our content, equipment, travel costs and IT expenses are paid for by volunteers out of their passion for the game and their desire for it succeed in Wichita.  Our on air talent are all volunteers who generously donate their money, time and talents.

FWL is extremely grateful for their help.  We could never do this without them.

If you would like to have your soccer related content, news, information, upcoming events, etc. distributed by FWL, please contact us at  We’d be happy to help!