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Indoor Soccer Schism 2015

Holy S*** boys and girls…what a weekend for indoor soccer fans. Just when it looked like some progress had been made in the MASL, the news breaks that Baltimore’s Ed Hale withdrawls from the league and has an as yet unknown number of current MASL teams leaving with him.

You can hear the audio from Hale on Kick This earlier this morning at  Hale’s comments ignited a firestorm in the blogosphere and on Facebook with comments flying from both camps.

We’ve been working to try and separate fact from fiction and have talked to vested individuals on both sides. We’ll be bringing it all to you live this Wednesday night on our show. We’re in the process of lining up guests to discuss the current goings on, what it means for the future of indoor soccer in Wichita and the US, and hopefully separate fact from fiction (and yes, we have reached out to Ed Hale).

No time constraints, no commercials…should be very very interesting. Don’t miss it.

Sign up for BALL MASTERY CAMP with EHS Head Coach Dylan Gruntzel

We had a great conversation with Wichita East High Head Soccer Coach Dylan Gruntzel on the show last night. If you didn’t get to listen, check out our earlier post. Then, make sure you check out Dylan’s upcoming Ball Mastery Camp get THYSELF registered at the link below. Camp runs from July 13 – 16:

“In our Ball Mastery camp, the emphasis is placed on individual skill development and basic moves with the goal of developing confidence on the ball. Beginning “move sets” are taught and games are played to practice the moves in a method that starts with no pressure and slowly adds the pressure of time and/or space restrictions. Then passive defensive pressure is added and by the end of the first morning, players are performing moves under full defensive pressure to goal. First touch is a major theme in Ball Mastery sessions.”