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WMF World Cup 2015 Mexico vs India Audio

Audio of the World Mini Football 2015 World Cup match between Mexico and India. Hosted by Johnny and Josh and guests including Kevin Ten Eyck, Carly D., The Galaxy Girls, Kim Roentved and more.

PODCAST: FWL from The Monarch 3-4-2015

In this episode, we had Johnny and Zacharinho call in from the Sporting KC kit release, talked a little opera with Aaron Stepanek (host of The Pubcast and a man with the voice of an angel) and Lavishly Handicapping made his FWL debut. Hosted by Phil and Josh live from The Monarch in ICT.

PODCAST! ICT at TUL Pre-Game Show 2-22-2015

Pregame show for the last Wichita B-52’s game of the 2014/2015 season as the boys were on the road in Tulsa. We were joined by guest host, Tulsa Soccer Show’s Zach Easdon. Hosted by Johnny and Josh. Go check ’em out on twitter @tulsasoccershow